Squadded Social Shopping has recently spent 3 amazing days in New York City at the National Federation of Retail Big Show 2023. It is the largest event in the retail industry that brings together, retailers, industry leaders, and technologies to discuss the latest trends and innovations in retail.

We set up our booth at the innovation lab among the 50 top startups that are changing the narrative of retail and showcased our newest and coolest feature… The live shopping party… enabling live video co-browsing with friends!! As the first company to take shopping together to a whole new level, we couldn’t wait for retailers to discover our multiple social tools making their engagement and conversion rates soar.

We waited for the crowds to reach us. Hopefully, they did! Retailers from around the world gave us insightful feedbacks about our innovative approach to social commerce. Being able to shop with friends or fellow shoppers and follow each other's screens is completely new to the market. Inviting a friend, spending a fun time talking about products and buying them instantly is a unique way to boost traffic and sales. Therefore, it was interesting to understand that certain retailers were more eager to use live shopping with experts in fashion or beauty, while others were already imagining their best chefs or even sales advisors helping online shoppers finding the right product. 

live shopping party

During those 3 days, we took part in tons of demos and interesting discussions, particularly about the growth of creators' importance in e-commerce. At Squadded, we understood the way authentic social proof can highly influence a shopper's buying decision; which is the reason we created the Squadded Ambassador Program, a feature allowing any e-commerce to turn customers or creators into ambassadors, creating a constant stream of UGC for the brand, leveraged on the site.

ambassador storefront

During our demos, we also presented our influencer storefronts, which is a unique way to leverage shoppable creators’ content and provide them with their own pages on websites, thus inspiring and converting shoppers faster than we have ever seen before. 

We are now, more than ever, focusing on our mission: Empower brands to build an interactive and dynamic community of loyal shoppers entertained by influencers and ambassadors, shopping together as if they were in-store, boosting customer engagement and sales considerably. 

Performing live shopping in a real e-commerce retailer during those 3 days at our booth,  was a true testament to the power of our platform, engaging with shoppers and creating a sense of community.

Overall, the NRF Retail Big Show 2023 has created lots of opportunities for Squadded Social Shopping. We have left the Big City full of new ideas, ready to take on the world. We are more than motivated to continue helping retailers drive sales and engagement through our cutting-edge technology.

NRF big show 2023

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