Brand ambassadors are one of modern marketing’s most powerful creations. These individuals have the ability to shape the way that your brand is perceived by the public, allowing you to leave a positive impression before ever making a sale. A great brand ambassador can do a lot for your company, including increasing your revenue. Let’s explore how brand ambassadors help companies to maximize their revenue every day.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an individual who publicly speaks in reference to your brand in a positive way. Although brand ambassadors used to primarily consist of celebrities, the world is quickly changing. Now, social media influencers and even customers are being converted into brand ambassadors that help companies catch the attention of other potential customers.

Maximizing Your Revenue with Brand Ambassadors

Increasing your revenue can help you to grow your business, expand your reach, and provide a better customer experience. Since this is true, most of us understand why business owners are always looking to maximize their revenue. An ambassador program can play a vital role in driving up sales—here’s how.

Maximizing Your Revenue with Brand Ambassadors

1. Increased Engagement

Brand ambassadors are often chosen because they are engaging. They interact with potential customers and returning customers on a regular basis, driving up the levels of engagement surrounding your brand. When a brand ambassador talks about their experience, people listen—and then those people start talking about it too. Brands should use industry-appropriate creators, like beauty influencers for makeup brands or architects or interior designers for a design store. The right ambassador can keep your customers coming back on a regular basis

2. A Relatable Experience

The average person does not relate to a business well, but they can absolutely relate to people. A brand ambassador can give a human touch to your brand and the experience that it offers. As your brand ambassador interacts with your products or services, they will explain the user experience. Other people will find this highly relatable and feel more comfortable with trying your products.

3. The Complete Customer Journey

Businesses are known for focusing on the customer journey, but for many brands, the journey ends when the customer makes a purchase. A benefit of brand ambassadors is that they take companies further into the experience that their business offers for the average person.

With brand ambassadors, companies join the next leg of their product journey—the actual customer experience. There is a lot to learn from customers, making it easier for businesses to optimize and provide an even better experience going forward. Customers that have a great experience are happy customers, and happy customers are more likely to choose you again.

4. A Sense of Community

Brand loyalty is not always about a brand. In some cases, it can actually be more about the sense of community that comes with a brand. Brands that have a strong sense of community are generally more engaged and will often stay focused on what that brand offers. When your customers become more dedicated, they are more likely to make a purchase.

5. The “It” Factor

Brand ambassadors are often chosen for a reason—because people are genuinely interested in them. When you have someone who is well-received by the masses showcasing your brand, the public perception of your brand can shift quite a bit.

Modern consumers are not interested in sales pitches or blatant ads, but they are interested in people. In the influencer marketing era, having brand ambassadors your customers love can determine whether or not you make a sale.

6. Enhanced Perception of Value

A brand ambassador will often have a voice that carries some weight with potential customers. When your other customers see a brand ambassador sharing their experience with your products, they are more likely to see it in a new light.

The perception of value for your products or services will play a significant role in how successful your brand is over time. Ambassadors can give your brand even more value in the eyes of the public, allowing you to sell more products.

7. Inspiration

There are plenty of customers that your products or services will be good for, but not every customer will know how to use them. Brand ambassadors can offer training and inspiration when it comes to being a true fan of your brand. Mood boards, interviews, and discussions can all help your brand ambassador to coach your customers on how to get the most out of your brand. With every ambassador, your customers learn how to enjoy your brand in new ways.

Use Brand Ambassadors to Build Your Community

Brand ambassadors are an essential tool for modern businesses—and they can be found anywhere. In the past, brand ambassadors were almost exclusively celebrities. Now, any customer can be the perfect advocate for your brand.

Squadded is a social shopping platform that helps you empower your customers by offering collective spaces to engage and interact. Instead of choosing a specific brand ambassador, you can allow your customers to be brand ambassadors themselves through social shopping features. Top ambassadors can even make pages that help other interested customers explore your brand.


Use Brand Ambassadors to Build Your Community

Through the use of custom online communities, brand ambassadors can bring inspiration, education, and a connected experience. From sharing their wish list to collections of their favorite products, your brand ambassadors can help customers navigate your store more effectively using custom storefronts.

Ambassadors can directly engage the community of shoppers, share inspiration boards, offer shoppable UGC, and host a Q&A or even live shopping parties. Every ambassador gets their own page, making it easy for them to inspire shoppers to purchase items through a completely unique storefront.

At Squadded, we help you recruit ambassadors, showcase their best content, and reward them for it all in one platform. To learn more about how we provide unique shopping destinations for shoppers looking for inspiration from real people, contact us today!